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Radiotherapy has an effective use especially in cancer treatments. A number of devices that emit radiation waves are used in radiotherapy. The radiation emitted by these devices is actually an energy. It is not something visible to the eye, but these propagating waves have many properties.

It has also been a matter of great curiosity in this regard that radiation is an energy produced from what. Some substances naturally emit radiation on their own, but there are a number of devices that are specially produced to emit radiation. Those devices are used in hospitals or private clinics and imaging centres for the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases.

What is Radiotherapy?

The word radiotherapy is used frequently by many people as a word that has settled in our language. However, although it is an overused word, many people still do not know exactly what radiotherapy is or what radiotherapy means exactly. We may encounter many people around us who say that they are treated with radiotherapy or that they have a disease with radiotherapy. It is obvious that this type of method is a treatment and diagnosis method that has been used for a very long time and is known by many people.

The effect of radioactive waves on the human body is due to the fact that a technological development that has been going on for many years has come to the present day. We call the type of energy presented by particles and wavelets, which we can describe as a set of invisible energy, radioactive waves, or simply radiation.

In order to ensure that this radiation cures some diseases, a device is needed to ensure that the region where the disease is dominant or every region where the disease in question benefits from these radioactive waves, that is, radiation. With the help of this device, the radiation finds the address in the human body and it is provided to affect the area where the disease is. For this reason, this practice is called radiotherapy.

What are the Diseases in which Radio Therapy is Applied?

Radioactive waves or rays, in fact, have many positive or negative effects on the human body, much more than we can think of. While these effects are used as a diagnosis and treatment for many diseases, they cause some diseases or undesirable situations. If we consider the positive side of this issue; We can examine under the heading in which diseases radiotherapy is applied.

In general, the radiotherapy method, which is mostly used for cancer treatment, can be applied to almost every part of the body. If we talk about cancer patients, we can say that the radiotherapy method can be applied effectively in up to seventy percent of cancer patients. For the treatment of some other diseases, radiotherapy continues to be used very frequently.

Radiotherapy is a very important solution as a single treatment method for some types of cancer. When various methods such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy are applied, it has been determined that a complete recovery occurs in many diseases. In particular, the fact that it has a positive effect on an extremely dangerous and feared disease such as cancer has made chemotherapy and radiotherapy methods to be seen as life-saving treatment methods by many people.

What are the Conditions in which Radiotherapy is Applied?

The application of methods such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy is extremely necessary in some cases. For this reason, it will be possible to answer a question we asked about the conditions in which radiotherapy is applied, as follows. In cancer diseases;

  1. Sometimes as a stand-alone treatment,
  2. As an alternative to surgical interventions in some diseases,
  3. Shrinking the tumor before surgery or removing the remaining microscopic cells after surgery,
  4. It can be used to relieve complaints such as pain, bleeding or pressure symptoms related to the tumor.

Except for cancer patients, radiotherapy can be used in inflammatory conditions that do not respond to drugs, and in diseases related to excessive growth of cells such as keloids.

How is Radiotherapy Applied?

Regarding the subject of radiotherapy, especially people who will receive radiotherapy for the first time wonder how radiotherapy is applied. Radiotherapy can be applied in two ways. Radiotherapy is applied externally and internally, that is, internal (internally), and externally (externally).

What is External (Internal) Radiotherapy and How is it Applied?

If you ask what is external radiotherapy, which is one of the radiotherapy application methods, and how it is applied, we can say that it is the most common radiotherapy application. radiotherapy centres

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