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Healthy eating is a habit that seems quite complex, but can be simplified and easily incorporated into life when looking at the big picture. Two actions are required to acquire healthy eating habits. Subtracting negative foods and adding positive foods to the person. We know that healthy eating is personal today. For this reason, we believe in the importance of working with an expert.

Both genetic tests and microbiota tests are performed in the BP Clinic. The person’s intolerances, detoxification mechanisms, the ratio of intestinal bacteria to each other and many other parameters are revealed by these tests and the nutrition plan is created in this way. Healthy eating plans created in the light of these tests have features that are oriented to the needs of the person and support their long-term health.

A detailed history is taken from our clients who do not prefer to have a genetic test or a microbiota test, and a healthy diet plan is prepared accordingly. In this plan, it is among our priorities that it is personal, target-oriented and sustainable.

We believe that gaining healthy eating habits is the biggest investment that can be made for the future. We believe that one should not delay taking care of one’s own health, and we are aware that the first step in doing this is through nutrition. For this reason, we emphasize the regulation of nutrition before diseases appear.

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