Scanning Programs (Check Up)

Genetic Tests

The best way to achieve a healthy body is to support our genes.

Life Genetics Test

The way not to get sick and to live a healthy life is to learn how your genes work and how they relate to each other. In the genetic check-up analysis we will do with a tube of blood, the main categories and a few of the things you will learn in these categories:

Energy Metabolism

You can learn about your predisposition to obesity and with which nutrients you can lose weight more easily.

Blood Fat Metabolism

By examining your genetic high cholesterol and your tendency to inflammation, you can put the most appropriate diet into your life.

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Antioxidant Mechanism

You can see your predisposition to inflammation and learn which supplements you can apply if necessary.

Detoxification Mechanism

By learning how your detoxification phases work, you can determine your body’s tolerance level and support the healthier functioning of these phases.

Bone Health

By looking at the genes about your bone health, you can learn which minerals you need, and you can prevent osteoporosis.

Food Intolerances

You can assess your sensitivity to gluten, lactose, alcohol, and salt.

Your Nutrigenomic Traits

You can create a special nutrition plan for you by seeing your body’s metabolism, your sensitivity to the absorption of all vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy life, and their functions in your body.

Your Sports Genetics

You can learn what type of sports you can do for a healthy life by determining your muscle structure, respiratory capacity, injury proneness and energy metabolism.

Cardiovascular Diseases

You can research your vascular structure, coagulation factors and your susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases through homocysteine ​​metabolism.

Brain Health

It explores your susceptibility to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Demas, and tells you what you need to do for a clearer, sharper memory.

Your Cancer Genetics

Investigates whether you have a predisposition to cancer.

Detection of your disease predisposition does not mean that you will get sick, on the contrary, it provides you with a healthier future by enabling you to learn what you need to do to avoid getting sick. Other genetic tests determined according to your needs;

  1. Microbiota (İntestinal Flora Test)
  2. Drug Passport Test (Pharmacokinetics)
  3. Emogen
  4. Detoxgen
  5. Methyl Age
  6. Cardiogene
  7. Food Allergy Tests

Supportive Treatments After Radiotherapy / Chemotherapy

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are highly effective cancer treatments, but they can also damage normal cells. The right nutrients are needed to regenerate healthy cells.

In addition to the meeting you will have with our dietitian, it is possible to speed up your recovery time with intravenous vitamin/mineral supplements. However, it will be healthier if this support is given by an Oncologist Doctor. Otherwise, it is possible for you to grow and develop tumour cells as well as normal cells, that is, you may do harm instead of benefit.

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