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Microbiota Analysis

Our unhealthy eating habits, environmental factors and stress affect our gut health closely. Nearly 100 trillion bacteria living on the intestinal wall provide the building blocks of our intestinal health. There are different types of these bacteria. While the presence of healthy types of bacteria supports our health, the presence of unhealthy types of bacteria negatively affects our health. For this reason, it is very important to know the ratio of our intestinal bacteria species to each other and to correct if there is an unhealthy balance.

Keeping the gut healthy is not just for the digestive system; It is also very important for the immune system, mental health, and slowing down aging. 70% of the immune system cells are in the intestine, 90% of the serotonin, which we know as the happiness hormone, is secreted in the intestine, and the inflammation that starts in the intestine spreads throughout the body, especially if there is a leaky gut condition, accelerating aging.

In order to make the intestinal microbiota healthy, a preliminary analysis is very important. In addition to the populations of bacteria present in the microbiota analysis, inflammation in your gut, intestinal permeability and the health of the intestinal mucosa are also detected. In the light of this information, it is ensured that the nutrition is regulated in a targeted way and the necessary supplements are started.

For your microbiota analysis, a stool sample is taken from you and sent to the laboratory. The results come from the laboratory within 4 weeks and are examined by experts from different subjects. As a result of the examination, a plan is created with the dietitian and physician. While creating this plan, it is important that it is specific to the client, target oriented and sustainable.

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