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Dietitian and Psychologist Interview

We adopt a holistic perspective for a healthy life. Moreover, we believe in the importance of keeping the body healthy without getting sick. Physical and mental health is very important to support the body before discomforts arise. For physical health, we should eat in a way that supports our bodily biochemistry. It is very important for mental health to be able to manage our social life and also our stress.

Our dietitian meetings take 1 hour. A nutrition plan is created specifically for the person’s past story and current life. While creating this plan, target-oriented and sustainability are taken into consideration. First of all, the goal that the person will reach with this nutrition plan is determined. Then, while creating a nutrition plan, attention is paid to the fact that the person can easily apply and maintain it. In this way, steps are taken not only for a short time, but also for a lifetime of healthy eating. Follow-up and additional support is provided after the dietitian meetings.

Our psychologist interviews last 50 minutes. During this period, the awareness of the person first of all about himself and then about his environment is increased. The negative point of view, if any, towards life is alleviated by increasing awareness. The person begins to feel more comfortable and in control. We believe that it is very difficult to escape from stress in modern life, that’s why stress management should be done. Studies show that the negative effects of stress on the body are reduced by stress management. We are advancing our psychologist meetings with this information in mind.

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